What to do with Halloween Clearance Candy

Remember what was once the Cookie Jar? I was inspired by an  idea a friend had for it - how cute would this be as a teachers gift, filled with candies, pencils and other little gifts for the teacher to keep on her desk to give out as prizes to her students? It may be too late to find Halloween candy on sale now, but I got all of the candy in the jar for $1.50 - none of it is labeled as Halloween candy.
So for $13.00 you would have a fabulous teachers gift - and it would be much, much cheaper if you made the chalkboard jar yourself!
Inspired by Brittany's comment I tried using chalkboard paint on some smaller glass containers and it totally works! (Walmart sells identical glass jars to the ones from Pier1 - minus the chalkboard paint- for about half the price.)

This picture turned out with a horrible glare, but this is five gallon bags of mini chocolate bars - all bought from the Halloween clearance cart. It's about 10lbs of chocolate and I paid about $1/lb for it. We try to keep frozen cookie dough in our freezer at all times for when we have friends over and these chocolate bars will work amazingly in cookies once we cut them up small.

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Jessica said...

I love the new blog layout, Jessica! It looks great! I'm going to be doing it probably around the first of the year. Sometimes you just need something fresh!

I love the chalkboard paint on the jars! That's such a fantastic idea. That's one I may have to copy.... Looks like even I can do that! =)

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