Copy Cat Meals

Roasted vegetables became a favorite for us when we discovered that our oven jumped to over 500F within minutes of being turned on, and that while it was useless for baking (it actually set a loaf  of bread on fire once!) it was perfect for roasting vegetables. We roasted vegetables quite often in the 6 months that we were waiting for our insurance company to repair our oven. Even though we now have a beautifully working oven we still enjoy having roasted vegetables for dinner.

I got a flier from Macaroni Grill several weeks ago that had their new dishes advertised on it - one of the new dishes being Roasted Eggplant. You got a relatively small plate of Eggplant, zucchini, squash and peppers roasted and seasoned with oil and salt for $8.99. I'll admit, the dinner tempted me and I almost asked Paul if we could plan an evening to go out to Macaroni Grill - and then I realized I could easily replicate that dinner at home - and it really was a very simple dinner to recreate at home!

While one plate at Macaroni Grill would have cost $8.99 I made it at home for all of us for about $5. The only difference with mine was that I also roasted Walnuts to go with it. And I had to wash the dishes myself.

The fliers that come in the mail with colorful images of delicious meals that are suppose to tempt me now serve a whole new purpose - inspiration for dinners at home!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

That sounds like something we would enjoy. Blaine has already told me he doesn't want just green beans and corn w/ Thanksgiving dinner. So I have picked up onions,zucchini,peppers and mushrooms for our main vegetable dish. The house is looking so good. I am definitely coming to visit the next time I am in town. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and Blaine is home, and this Mama is excited. Jackie

eder4jesus said...

(*_*) Looks so yummy!

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