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In the last few months we have become huge fans of soup - maybe it is because we were without an oven for so long, but even now, with an oven, we love soup and have it almost weekly.

Big Lots sells Cugino's soup mix for $3 - that makes about a half gallon of soup. They also sell the larger bags, enough to make a gallon of soup, for $5.
These soups are so easy to make and are delicious on their own, but with a little extras tossed in they turn into spectacular.

Our last batch of soup was Broccoli - Paul seasoned and sauteed corn and um. Maybe onion? I'm not sure what all he does. I just enjoy eating it. Anyways, he added the seasoned corn to the soup and it was incredible.

Another thing we love doing with our soup is serving it in bread bowls. We haven't attempted to make our own yet, but we will soon. By "we" I mean Paul.

Panera Bread sells their bread bowls for under $2 - I believe it is $1.79. When we have company over and are serving soup we generally buy these bread bowls. I think they are a super cute way to eat soup.
For those with children: we have never bought the boys their own bread bowls. There is more than enough bread for them to eat ours, and they generally eat soup from a mug with a straw.

Our favorite of Cugino's soups is the Creamy Cheddar Asparagus - it is just amazing and with chunks of cheese added to it it is one of my favorite meals!

I recently bought Cugino's French Onion Soup mix and it was such a delightful fall evening meal - with toasted bread and melted cheese on top it was delicious. I have never had French Onion soup up until two weeks ago when we made this, and it was so much better than I'd ever imagined!

I managed to devote an entire post to the different soups we love and how we garnish them. Can you tell I love soup?!

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