My Boys

The boys and I are a bit under the weather - and completely grateful for Paul being home with us for a couple days this week to help take care of us.

This past weekend I took these pictures of the boys - and if I was ever challenged to show someone a picture that best captures each boys personality, these would be the pictures I would choose. Judah. Bright eyed. Serious. Observing the world.

Wesley. Smiling Eyes. Goofy grin. Embracing the world.


Bethany said...

Your children are so very beautiful.

Bethany said...

I second that. But don't tell them I said do... It'd go to their head. ;)

Sis said...

Ah! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Gracious girl! You are going to have to beat the girls away with a stick!!

This photos are SO beautiful! magazine quality! Oh how I wish I could scrapbook these!


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