What We're Eating Now

I like to try out new things, and almost every time I am at the grocery store pick up something new for us to try out. Most of the time it works out well for us, but this week my choice wasn't so hot! Literally.
Cool Soup.
I know that cold soup is good, but this stuff in the drinkable bottle is gross. Even Judah wouldn't drink it when I tried passing it off as a "special treat."
He took a sip and said; "It's icky momma. You drink it." We're raising a generous boy, eh?

I did have great success with something new I tried creating - Mint Chocolate and Cayenne Pepper covered Strawberries. They're delicious!

I melted mint chocolate chips and mixed in a generous amount of cayenne pepper, stirred it all up and then dipped the (washed and dried) strawberries in the chocolate.
The pepper specs showed up in the chocolate once it all dried, and I think it looks so pretty! The flavors go surprisingly well together.
I only made up 8 of them, just in case the were "icky." But yummy they were, so I will have to try this again soon!

And then of course we have a tried and true favorite food in our house: Cheerios! Wesley adores them and I think would eat through an entire box in a sitting if I let him. Judah grew out of his Cheerio stage, but is back into them again now that Wezzy loves them so.

I once heard the advice that if you were looking to buy a present for your child that he would use/play with a lot, buy him something that his sibling would adore - it works with food too :)
If we want Judah to eat something all we need to do is tell him we're going to feed it to Wezzy and he says "OH NO!! I eat it!" And he does. :)


Jenny-Fair said...

I don't know how to say this without sounding rude...but please, please don't make food a competition between your kids. My parents did that, and it has negative consequences. There isn't any need to manipulate kids into eating/not eating anyway.

Discipled Pilgrim said...

The strawberries with chocolate & cayenne remind me of when I accidentally put garum masala in some baked apples to go on pancakes. Now I always add garum masala with the nutmeg and cinnamon & milk because it tastes better like this!

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