Grilling Time!

I am so excited that it is warm enough to grill outside now - anything cooked over an open fire tastes so much better than cooked indoors in an oven. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that if it needs to be cooked on the grill Paul is the one who cooks it.

We have never been very adventurous with what we grill- generally hot dogs and burgers and corn. But that is going to change this Sping/Summer. I've got a whole bunch of ideas for Paul to grill for us... now we just need to find the grill!

I made these Kabobs for our picnic last weekend. The sausage and potatoes were precooked and they were a cinch to put together and take along with us. And they were quite yummy if I may say so.
Can you see the little potatoes? They sort of resemble mushrooms, but they are definitely potatoes. They are called Ruby Gold potatoes and are significantly smaller than Red Potatoes. They are super cute looking, and they were the inspiration behind the Kabobs - I wanted to make something to showcase the potatoes.
They're quite a bit more expensive than normal potatoes at $4 for 1.5 lbs, but the cuteness factor was so worth it. :)

Also featured on the Kabobs: green pepper, yellow squash, sausage and white onion.
They were sprinkled with Olive Oil and Salt and Pepper. Colorful and Flavorful!


Nicole said...

LOL I think its funny you call them Kebobs, we call them kebabs, I also think its funny you say grilling, we would say "barbequing time!" :)
They look great!

My dad makes awesome Greek style ones. You can use lamb or chicken, cut some red onion and then put that into a marinade of a bit of vinegar, some lemon juice, good lot of olive oil, salt and pepper and oregano and leave to marinate for a few hours. Then you add peppers (whatever colour), pineapple, mushrooms and the meat and onions. YUMMO!!

Bethany said...

We call them salt potatoes up here.

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