Our 4th

A picture I took and am thinking of blowing up and hanging over our mantle. Just because it's different. Like us.

Next week we'll be celebrating our 4th anniversary - 4 YEARS together!! It has been a marvelous 4 years of growing, learning and dreaming together.
In keeping with our tradition we will be celebrating our anniversary in a State we haven't yet celebrated in. This year we'll be going to Nashville, Tennessee for a few days.

In the past 4 years we have:
lived in 3 states
lived in 5 different homes
been in 2 countries (other than the US) and
been in 16 states

Hopefully our moving trend has come to an end, however we hope to continue visiting new places together!

A couple months after our engagement.
Oklahoma '05

Our wedding. April 23 '05.
Toronto, Canada

First Anniversary. Picture taken in Las Vegas.
We were in Arizona, California and Nevada for the trip.
April '06

Second Anniversary - with Judah!
Helen, GA.
April '07

Third Anniversary - pregnant with Wezzy.
Charleston, SC.
April '08


Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a cool idea to go somewhere diff each year!

newlyweds said...

Happy 4th anniversary. Loved the pictures. I just realized we will be celebrating our 3rd next monday, but for some reason it feels like 10 years, lol!

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Bethany said...

You'll be in Nashville next week?!? So will we! So weird... We're leaving NY on the 25th and leaving Nashville May 3. (?) How long will you be there and what are your plans? I'm trying to find fun things for us to do. Maybe we could randomly bump into each other... That would be fun.

The Rock Chick said...

Happy Anniversary, Paul and Jessica!!! You guys are so cute! You forgot to add 2 babies to your "in the past 4 years list" LOL

Bethany said...


Jeanie said...

Happy Anniversary, Jess and Paul (and I love your new hairdo, Jess).

4 years -- wow -- you were newlyweds when I met you. Wow. WOW!!

Congratulations, lovebirds.

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