A Jumble of Thoughts

There is a cardboard box maze across our living room floor that is giggle-fit inducing to the littles. They have rolled a ball through it. They have played Hungry Hippo in it. They have read books in it. They have sung in it. Drooled in it. Colored and stickered on it.
Our left over moving boxes are being put to good use and are being well loved by two little boys.

And it's bringing back great memories :)

One summer when I was little my parents made us a huge maze out of Appliance boxes. I think they collected them from local appliance stores. In my mind it was the mansion of cardboard box mazes. I remember getting lost in it. Surely, it must have been Ginormous!

We have a busy and fun two weeks coming up - we're off to Nashville, and then we have a very special house guest coming for the weekend and then I think the boys and I are going to go with Paul to Florida for the following week. He's got a massive blood drive down there and his hotel is on the beach. The families have been invited to tag along, and I think we just might :) The boys and I will be on our own for most of the day, but I think we'll have a fun time together.

So, all that to say I won't be on here much, if any, over the next two weeks.

I love this picture Paul took of Wesley.

And that's all for the next two weeks! Adios!


Nicole said...

Box forts are the best! Appliance boxes make great houses. We used to cut out windows, a door, and then draw plants and flower boxes on it to make it look like a real home. Some of my best memories!

Alyson said...

The girls would pretend the packing paper (it was white) was snow. We had a HUGE pile in our dining room for the longest time. The boxes were all over our backyard as forts, cities, etc. Thanks for bringing back those memories! As a child, I was a burning building made from a huge box and my bro was the fireman one year. I couldn't bob for apples too well!! Boxes are the BEST!! Love you---you are an awesome mommy!

Jen said...

Boxes are awesome, we played in them cut out windows...even took them and pilled pillows in them and took naps in them lol

Boxes are fun!

Have a good next few weeks!

sis said...

That brought back tons of memories :) Who is the house guest?

The Rock Chick said...

Cute!!! I can just see the boys playing with the boxes. Sometimes, they really are better than whatever came inside them!!! Enjoy your trips, your anniversary, your guests and your family!

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