We had a wonderful time in Nashville, and pictures will follow at a later time.
The friend that was suppose to come back with us for the weekend had a work emergency and couldn't come. It was a man Paul knew from Basic Training. They've seen each other for a total of 1 day and yet they have stayed in touch over the past 6 years and were going to meet up again. We were all disappointed to not be able to meet up.

We watched our friends two kids last night and the boys all shared a bath - Judah stayed at their house while we were in Nashville and he fit right in with their family of blonde, curly haired kids :) I took the two above pictures, but was trying to keep the camera dry from their splashes - I gave them a bucket and shovel to play with... not sure why! Boys + bathtub full of water + bucket and shovel = a mess. But a laughing mess.

The boys and I are off to Florida tomorrow - we aren't actually going with Paul, as he isn't able to travel with us, but we'll be tagging along behind.

Again, normal blogging will resume in another week or so :)


Sis said...

:) makes my heart melt :) I miss 'em

Rachel said...

Wait until you hear about the start to Bethany and her hubby's trip to Tennessee. All I will say is GOD IS SO GOOD...they are alive! She will give you the details when she returns. How's that for suspense?

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