I found this old desk at a yard sale for $5! I thought it was super cute and bought it.
I am going to redo it eventually, though I am not quite sure how!
It'll be perfect for Judah to do his 'school' at :)

We do 'school' almost every day, which involves coloring, letter flashcards and play-do time.
Judah loves things that are all his, so I think the desk will be a hit with him once I get it cleaned up and find the perfect spot for it!


Michelle and Esther said...

Cool! You should use "crackling" paint on it. You put a bottom color down and then the crackling stuff and then the paint you want to have on top and as it dries the top coat cracks and you can see bits of the bottom color. It looks really cool!

Jessica said...

My sister and I had desks like that when we were little. We loved pretending we were big kids at school way before we were old enough to really go to school.

Chalkboard paint might be neat for the desktop surface.

The Rock Chick said...

I think that came from my old elementary school! I used to hate those desks because I'm left handed and they had no "leftie" versions. I spent my entire school day sitting sideways in there so I could write ;) That being said, I think it's cute and if you painted it up really cute, the kids could use it and it could be a funky work of art, too! You find the best stuff, I swear!!!

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