New Do

I cut my hair last week - it's a huge change!!
I've never had it this short before.
I like it a lot.
The before picture was me just before a wedding.
The after is just before bed.
It's not often you see a more glamorous before picture than the after picture, but so far this is the only picture I have of the new do!


Nicole said...

LOL about the non-glam vs glam pic.
I like your hair in both! The new one would be waaaayyyy easy to manage though!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I LOVE it Jess, it looks great!

Erin from PA said...

I love it also! It really looks good on you and frames your face very well :)

Kelee Katillac said...

I think you are beautiful and the new cut really emphasizes your eyes! love,kelee

Jessica said...

I love it! I've got the itch right now to do something drastic with mine. It happens every few months.

Jen said...

I love your new hair cut :)
It makes you look younger

Nicole said...

Your new hair looks cute!

Anonymous said...

looks nice!
can't wait to see more pitcures of it.

The Rock Chick said...

Ohhhhhh, it's CUTE!!!!! I love that cut. That's the exact cut I strive for, too, but mine never looks like that because I can't seem to get it straight enough myself . I love it on you. It really shows off your eyes!

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