I love looking at him. And I just thought y'all might like to too :)

The other night he was talking in his sleep.
Him: "You are pretty and sweet and pretty and tiny and pretty. Um. Am I repeating myself?"
Me: "Yes. And you said I was tiny. That was kind of odd."
Him: "Oh, well, I couldn't tell in the dark."

And someone brought up THIS STORY OF PAUL this past week.
If you haven't read the story of how Paul soiled his pants you must.
It's seriously the funniest story I've ever heard.


mel said...

I love how you played along with him. So freaking funny!

And yeah. That pooping of the pants story is hilarious. One of my favorites. :)

Sis said...

awww, he's so sweet :)

Nicole said...

LOL! Lorne talks in his sleep sometimes too! He usually says "Nicki? I love you, you are the best, you are so beautiful and pretty and algjljldjfdjdlf" I have such a hard time not cracking up!!! Sometimes he asks me questions in his sleep and I just can't help but laugh which ends up waking him up. Then I tell him what he was saying and he acts all confused.

Husbands are the best!

And that story still cracks me up lol!!!

Rachel said...

Your poor husband! What a funny story! Some day his boys will be begging him to tell them the story of when he pooped his pants. :)

How sweet of him to tell you how lovely you are, in his sleep.

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