Wes loves to suck on his lower lip, which makes him look so funny. He does it a ton tho, it's a Wes-ism for sure.
I am working on getting him into a routine, and it is slowly evolving.
He is usually up about 7, so I put him on the floor in front of his Praise Baby dvd and he watches that while I sleep or do chores.
He then nurses about 10 and goes down for a nap in the boys room til 1-ish, at which point Judah goes down for his nap.
Then the rest of the day just happens. No routine has been attempted.
I am not a routine type of person. But Paul thinks I should be. So the morning routine is for him.

Wesley went to his first hockey game on Saturday night. Some friends invited us, and they have a little girl about a month younger than him. The babies didn't care much for each other. Or the game. But I had fun with the other mum, and Wesley was given the puck that opened the game. That was kinda cool.


Kim said...

Wow!! A three hour nap? That's incredible!

The Rock Chick said...

That's the cutest picture of the boys! I love it! I'm not a routined person, either. I did really work on it for nap time, though, because by the time I had 4 kids, it seemed they were all napping at different times and I could never do anything! LOL Hope you guys hav a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

That is sweet that you have a routine for the boys so that you husband will feel better. It sounds like you are adjusting to being a mom of two with no problems! I found the adjustment to two to be the biggest adjustment. I have four.

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