Life has been busy. Something about being the sole diaper changer in this house, on top of being sick, on top of trying to figure out how to build a website to market my photography has left me with little time and motivation to blog.

I didn't make much money last week, but I have more than made up for it this week as I've made $150 between yesterday and today selling stuff. I am rather excited about that. Still a long way from getting the camera, but I'm closer than I was last week :)

The boys have had an eventful week, Judah somehow got a hold of a bottle of glass cleaner and sprayed a bunch of it in his mouth. Then the very next day Wesley got a hold of a piece of popcorn and choked. Seriously, our house is safe and we don't leave those things laying around. We're still not sure how it happened. We're thankful that both boys are fine.

I walked into the room today to see what was so funny as both boys were laughing. Judah was letting Wesley lick his spoon, which had been covered in whipped cream.

Judah has started saying "Thank you" unprompted and at the appropriate time. It is so sweet.

Wesley is on a sleeping strike and hasn't slept for more than 45 minutes at a time since early yesterday morning.

So we're a fun lot today :)


Bethany said...

I'm LOL picturing Judah spraying Windex in his mouth. That can't be yummy at all!!!! I'm glad he's OK.

I hope everyone in your family will all be feeling better soon.

Crystal said...

Ick, that had to be nasty.

A friend of mine once drank gasoline. He thought it was gatorade or something, only the gatorade burned. Ouch.

Bethany said...

A sleeping strike, what fun!

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