Breakfast Burrito

I keep meaning to blog about our favorite breakfast, but haven't taken the time to until now.
About two months ago we discovered Breakfast Burritos and they are the best breakfast!! The best part about them is you can make them in large quantities and freeze the rest to have a delicious, healthy breakfast in minutes.

Here they are in our freezer:
The recipe is on my other blog. Click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
It's been so long that I didn't visit your blog. So worth my time while the kids are napping. I have a licensed home day care now. So much fun taking care of them and teaching them. Anyway, yes... breakfast burritos and sweet potatoe fries are so yummy! Bye for now, I have to read the rest of your blog now (September to November).
Take care,

Crystal said...

I wish I could do this, but D thinks reheated eggs are gross.

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