Judah has entered the stage where he loves to take his clothes off. I often find him with one arm coming out the opening where his neck is and the other arm through its proper sleeve.
And several mornings when I go to get him up for the day he has managed to strip himself of his pjs. He keeps his diaper on, but I think only because he hasn't figured out how to take them off. He gets double diapered at night, a regular diaper and then a pull up.

The double diapering is one of the greatest tips ever, shared by own momma. Judah pees in abundance. Before August (when I learned this tip!) we were awoken every single night because Judah was soaking wet with pee. We would change the diaper, pjs and sheets at least once a night, pretty much every night. We wouldn't let him drink after 5pm, and yet we still had this abundance of pee at night.
So then my mum shared this double diapering tip: put a regular diaper on, tear through the front part of it a bit, put second diaper on top (we use a pull up for the second diaper.) We have not been up with him once since then due to a wet diaper/pjs/kid/crib.
It has saved us sleep, laundry, diapers and our sanity!

Anyways... back to Judah. He loves to help me. In the above picture he is washing the windows with baby wipes. The other day he helped me do laundry, and some how managed to throw some raisins in there when I wasn't looking.
He loves being given pots, pans, mixing bowls and spoons to 'help' me cook. The other day Paul and a friend were cooking in the kitchen and Judah threw a fit because they wouldn't let him in to 'help' them. They gave him a mixing bowl and spoon (but wouldn't let him in) and he stood by the kitchen gate happily stirring and chattering away.

He's also a gadget geek, just like his daddy. One of his favorite toys is Paul's cell phone, and Judah's recently acquired some of our dead electronics - a hand held electronic game and Paul's old MP3 player. He is currently walking around the house holding the MP3 player (which does not work), with head phones on and bopping his head, as if he is listening to something. But I checked.
Nothing is playing.
He just thinks he's cool.


Bethany said...

How cute! Bopping his head... what a boy. :) Thanks for the diaper tip. I'm sure I'll be using it soon. I just upgraded to size five diapers because Josh woke up wet every morning. It was rather tiresome washing so much laundry.

Crystal said...

LOL I love the one sock on/one sock off.

TammyIsBlessed said...

That is the best picture!!

BeckeyZ said...

Ben is 7 and he totally undresses when he goes to the restroom. If he knew I was telling you this, he would kill me in my sleep (he gets embarrassed very easily). Anyhow, I've been told the getting naked thing is normal. That's good to know.

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