Jokes on Me

I have this horrible habit of not being able to remember jokes. Up until this week I have never shared a joke (unless I am reading it from somewhere!) with anyone, simply because I never remember.
So this week I was talking with two friends and they start cracking jokes. I had just read a whole bunch of great jokes a couple of hours earlier, so I thought I'd join in.

"Where does a one eyed man buy clothes?"
They didn't know. So I answered;
"A second hand store."

They looked at each other.
And then looked at me.
Totally confused expressions on their faces.

I didn't understand why, and I was like; "What?! Don't you get it?"
And they said "No... not really."

And so I repeated it, only this time correctly;
"Where does a one handed man buy clothes?"

And they started laughing.
Very hard.

And told me my mistake.

And I think I turned red.
And have decided joke telling is not for me.


The Rock Chick said...

Are you here all week? LOL They say stand up comedy is one of the hardest things to do! Although, I think your story is funnier than the joke so it's all ok in the end! ;)

BeckeyZ said...

THAT was hysterical. Don't feel bad, I can never remember them right either. That, or I'm the one pretending to think it's funny 'cus I don't get it, and then when it finally sinks in, I crack up and everyone thinks I'm nuts.

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