Sweet Potato Fries

I used most of my Sweet Potatoes to make Sweet Potato Fries. YUM! If the stores weren't so crazy right now I'd go back and buy 20lbs or so to make more fries. That would be $5 for 20lbs of fries. I think that's a great deal!
Maybe after Thanksgiving they'll still be on sale and I'll buy them then.

I made Judah and myself about a pounds worth yesterday and the rest of the fries are in the freezer. I am hoping that they work out just as well as fresh! Once you get on a roll peeling and cutting fries it's not such a big deal to do 5lbs verses 1lb. We'll see if I think that way about 20lbs verses 5lbs if I do buy more!!

These fries are delicious! CLICK HERE for the recipe. SO worth making!


Chelsea Rae said...

Yuck. Sweet potatoes are nothing but yucky! So there.


I am glad you like them though!

Chelsea Rae said...

Oh, and you recipe is very similar to my mom's but she puts garlic salt instead of salt and adds some brown sugar, you might like that too. :)

Brandy said...

what is the texture like?

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