A Boring Update

Paul made an amazing potato soup this past week - it was so flavorful and delicious! He's wanting to get into making more soups - they freeze so nicely for quick meals, and they are just so yummy. Do any of you have favorite soup recipes to share?

Paul was off work on Saturday so the four of us hit up some yard sales... one of the (many!) benefits to living in the south - yard sales are still going strong the beginning of November. We found a great church yard sale, and just before we were done browsing they said that they were about to close so everything was half off the already low prices. I think my favorite thing from there were two Praise Baby dvds. The boys both love watching them, and I don't mind listening to them, so it's a win-win situation.

My camera fund was gifted $50 this week. My efforts to sell things on Craigslist wasn't very successful. I didn't pursue it very hard at all tho as I got distracted with another website I am working on. I am making progress with it tho, so maybe, hopefully, this week I'll do better with listing items.

Paul is off again for the next three days, starting tomorrow, and we've got lots of fun plans, so this blog will remain un-updated for a bit longer.


Lindsay said...

militaryrecipes.blogspot.com for my beer cheese soup recipe.


Also, I have a great cheezy corn chowder recipe if you're interested I'll get it typed up for you.

Have fun on your time off!

Crystal said...

The only soup my hubby likes is creamy chicken noodle soup. It's good stuff though.

The potato soup sounds yummy, but those cheesy breadsticks are making me drooool.

Bethany said...

I know! Where's the cheesy breadstick recipe??

And you are starting to sound like me... Boring blog updates. :P

Jen said...

My MIL to be made loaded potato soup other day that was pretty good :)
Yay for 50 to the camera fund!

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