Remember when we went to the GOURD FARM way back when? I made a center piece out of 5 of the gourds I bought, and am finally blogging about it. I think it looks kinda cool. Definitely different.
I spray painted them all silver and then found an old wooden tray and spray painted it to match. I added acorns in the bottom of the tray and placed three gourds and three candles in the tray. Then there is a gourd on either end. And that, my friends, is my fall center piece.
Five gourds down, two to go!


Jen said...

They look great, how creative of you

Beth said...

That's amazing! Did you come up with the idea on your own? Props to you - it looks great :)

Bethany said...

Wonderful! I love it actually. And you beat me to it. My doorknobs are still hanging in a plastic bag on our coat rack. Someday I will make something lovely with them.

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