The Name

The name Wesley has to be one of the coolest names for little kids to say :) Judah pretty faithfully refers to him as "Wezzy" - which we totally encourage. It's adorable.
Judah's best buddy, Baynham (who is almost 4), has many cute variations of the name. My favorite of his I think is "Wetzley."

Baynham is a pretty fun name too. Judah currently calls him "Bay-Bay." And Baynham almost always responds with "That's not my name Judah. My name is Baynham."


BeckeyZ said...

That is so sweet!

My favorite word that Evelyn still says wrong is "clolor" as in "I'm going to clolor in my cloloring book now." It just makes me smile everytime she says it.

Bethany said...

Your boys get cuter every day! It'll be fun when Josh really starts talking. I'm looking forward to that.

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