A Day At The Zoo

Friday was spent with good friends and our kiddos at the zoo. It was the boys first trip, tho Wesley didn't care where he was and hung out in the stroller most of the trip.

Here was our group, minus Wesley, who was sitting off to the side.

Judah adored the gorilla. The gorilla was right up at the glass, and Judah would have sat there all day staring at him I think.
Judah got to feed the giraffe. He wasn't as thrilled as I thought he might've been.

He loved the bubbles in the fish tank!

Taking a little break. He did super well - he walked for most of the five hours we were there.

His loves at the zoo included: the gorilla, the penguins, the bubbles in the fish tanks, the electrical outlets and the lights in the cages.


Nicole said...

Your Zoo looks cool!! I want to feed giraffes!! We can't in our zoo, but in the wildlife park we have in the city you can, will take the kids next time.
Love that pic of the Gorilla :)

Amy said...

I love feeding the giraffes...we can do that at our zoo too! I miss going to the zoo by us it has just been too cold now to go :(

BeckeyZ said...

I love, love, LOVE the gorilla picture!!! I need to take the kids back to the zoo. As soon as I recover from our hiking today.

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