Money Saving Tips

Looking for unique ways to save money this holiday season? Take your kids shopping with you.
If you don't have kids under the age of two then borrow mine. Just before nap time. *smirk* I guarantee you'll stick to your pre-made list and not endlessly wander the aisles and needlessly pick up "stuff."

It works.

I promise.

Want another money saving tip? Of course you do.
Try not activating your debit card next time they send you a new one. Not having any access to it will keep you from spending money. I know this because I have been too lazy to activate my card. I got it back in JUNE people, and I have yet to activate it and carry it with me.

All of my money-spending outings must be pre-thought out - either having gotten the cash to carry with me or borrowing Paul's card.

Several times I have thought to myself "I think I'll take the boys to the mall today and just wander around to kill time."
And then I remember - I don't have money. So even though I hadn't been planning on spending money at the mall, I won't go without money. I probably would have ended up spending money. Thus (does anyone really use that word any more?!) not having a debit card saved me money.


Crystal said...

Hey, whatever works. ;)

Bethany said...

Thus, she thought to herself, I should've not activated my debit card. Or should not have...

Bethany said...

And how do I change my profile picture? I'm tired of looking like a bag lady.

Shannon said...

oh i totally agree about taking the kids to the store, specially when they are tired :)
i never want to stay long i go in and out as fast as i can! by myself i stroll thru enjoying seeing everything, haha

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