The Loot

Paul was off work yesterday, and we had been told about this huge neighborhood yard sale - so we decided it would be the perfect family date :)
By 8:10 we had pulled in to the neighborhood and it was amazing. There were greeters as you pulled in and they had a map and a list of every home participating, along with a general contents list of what each home was selling. So cool! :)
We had a list of specific items we were looking for, and while we only managed to get a couple of those items, we did get some other really cool non-list items!
Here are some of the bigger items we got ( I also got clothes, lamps and Judah's Christmas present.)

Three potted cactus - not sure if I'll keep them or replant something else in the pots. I *love* the pots!! I want to repaint the pots, but Paul doesn't think that's a good idea - any opinions folks?

A pedestal - I think we'll keep it outdoors. I *think* I'll put a cascading leafy plant on top, if I can find one that looks right.

This was one of our 'list' items - a dresser for Judah's room. It looks a lot brighter in the picture than it really is.

Originally I bought these two pictures for the frames - I was going to put my own pictures inside. But these prints have grown on me, so I think I'll keep them just how they are!

This was another 'list' item - a bench for our hallway. It needs a little work and we are going to either paint or stain it and a get cushion for on it (that fits!) We thought it looked cool :)

This is Paul's favorite thing :) A pull up bar that he got for $5 (it retails for $200!) It was a 'list' item as well, and we were so surprised to find one - and for so cheap!


Amy said...

Awesome finds! I can't wait until it gets warm enough around here for rummage sales.

You always find the best deals :)

Jessica Morris said...

To be fair, I should say that we spent FIVE hours looking at stuff!!
It didn't just jump in our car ;)

Crystal said...

Wow, you made out like a bandit!

I wish I could convince my husband to go yard-sale-ing for 5 hrs!

Mindy said...

Oh my goodness...for weather warm and dry enough to have a yard sale!!
I found your blog through my friend Amy's. Sweet little one u have! :)

mel said...

How cool! Go you guys!!

I say paint the pots. But that's just because I like painting. :)

And that bench is WAY cool. Very unique! I like the pictures too! :)

I swear, ONE day I am going to meet you in person, and we are going shopping.

Also, I am not really sure what happened to my other post. I think it was late, and I accidentally deleted it or something retarded like that... Anyways, you should look up "Angelina Jolie, troops, iraq" etc... That should bring the story up. Very cool. :)

The Rock Chick said...

WOW! Great finds!

I'm a fan of cactus plants and the color of those pots. If it were me, I'd leave them be :)

The blue dresser is awesome! It looks like it's in great condition, too and I LOVE those prints. I'm a fan of music things, obviously, but I think those would go with almost anything and the colors are great!

Depending on what colors you are using in your hallway, I think the bench would be great painted a rally cool color--like navy or cranberry!

Chelsea Rae said...

Very cool Jess, I can't believe it is already garage sale time where you are... we won't be having any garage sales here for at least two more months!!

My friend Michelle printed out the storyboards of Keitha in a 5x10 and has it framed on her wall, I love storyboards a lot, especially of kids!

Elisa Rush said...

You got that pull-up bar for $5? That bench is going to be beautiful in your hallway. YOu really got some great deals!

Lisa said...

I came here form Tammysrecipes and you said your dh makes choc. chip cookies - would you / could you share his recipe? Thanks Lisa

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