Senior Moment

I was offered my very first Senior Citizens Discount today- "excuse me? Seniors discount?" - yes, that's what I said too.
I was shopping at Khol's and they had tons of baby clothes, jewelry and womens clothes for 80%-90% off. Who can resist such deals? Not me.
But not to worry - the entire time I kept my husbands 'look' and his "did you really need that" voice at the forefront of my mind.

"Yes honey, Judah really does need three hoodies he'll be able to wear in a year or two. They're cool hoodies."

Really, I can argue my way through any purchase, but I do try to be smart about what I buy.
Like all the cute clothes that would fit my non-pregnant body that were 90% off - I didn't buy a single one of them. And they were really cute.

So, I took my very well-thought out purchases to the nice Cashier Lady. I knew she was nice right away because she smiled and talked to Judah. Judah wasn't in his most social mood as he'd spent the last hour and a half looking at clearance racks with me. But she made him laugh, and people who do that are nice.

Cashier Lady asks me if I'd like to save 25% off my purchases. Of course I do!
So I asked her how.
And she told me.

If I applied for a Khol's credit card I could save 10% off my bill, and then because it was Senior Citizen Discount Day, I could save an additional 15%.

That's when I said "Excuse me? Seniors Discount?" It's not that I didn't want the additional 15%, but I'm 22, Senior is I think 60... I was concerned and confused. I wanted a mirror.

She told me that they aren't required to check ID, so they offer the Senior Discount to everyone. How cool of them! But tell me, why don't they just call it Citizen Day? Or at the very least Those That Are and Those That Will Be Senior Citizen Day.

But I wasn't going to complain about the discount. So I said sure - sign me up for the card, and give me the 25% off.

I want to just say that Khol's lets you use your card, and then you can pay it off right away, at the store - which is what I'd of done. We don't use credit cards, except for where they save us money, like in this instance.

So anyways, Cashier Lady proceeds to apply for the credit card for me and - long story short - it takes forever. So, she very kindly and generously takes another 10% off my bill!

I got an extra 35% taken off the bill of items that were already at least 80% off the original price. Life is good.


Mel's Mom said...

Oooh, this gives me an idea..how about "legal citizen" day =) Okay...that wasn't nice, was it?

Bethany said...

I worked at Kohl's for a whole month and a half about three years ago. Gotta love those clearance racks. But I must say, I've never heard of giving out the Senior Discount to everyone... Bet the managers must think that there are an awful lot of old folks where you live! (Did you go today when they were having really good sales or are they still having really good sales for the next couple weeks?)

Crystal said...

That's crazy!

The Rock Chick said...

WOW! You certainly are Queen of The Deals, no doubt!

I've never been offered the senior discount at Kohl's! I know I should consider that a compliment, right?

I do love their sales, though. Everytime I see one of their clearance racks, I'm there for quite a while! I have gotten some really great buys there!

Chelsea Rae said...

I use Microsoft Digital Image suite, I have the same one as you and I love it!!

mel said...

You bargain finder you!
:) Good work, my friend!

amanda said...

You impress me... seriously, even when I go shopping with you I never do as well as you. Sigh... oh well. P.S. We are going to Canada in December... flights all booked and everything. Don't think we'll be able to make it down to Georgia, but if you were maybe visiting you parents at the same time, I might just have to run into you!!! :)

uponeagleswings said...

I love Kohl's clearance racks. I was there the other day and searched through the 80-90% off racks but didn't find anything I liked. Their credit cards is awesome though- they send you coupons every month or two for 10-30% off on any given day.
Oh, and I love For Better or Worse- one of my favorite comics.

Nicole D said...

lol - so sorry that you were 'Seniored'. Although you came out good, eh?

I too LOVE FBOFW... so much so that 2 of my Christmas gifts were special ordered from FBOFW (I love my dh!!!)

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