Where to go?

Arizona, April 2006

Helen, Georgia, April 2007

Our third anniversary is coming up, and I need ideas!! We have officially made it our goal to celebrate our anniversary in a different state each year.

Our first anniversary was amazing, crazy and so completely us.
We had tickets to fly anywhere within the USA for free. We were living in Ohio at the time and knew we wanted to go somewhere hot. Phoenix, Arizona, happened to be the only option available for the weekend we were free to go away. So Phoenix it was.
We arrived there on a Friday, rented a car and spent some time in Phoenix, drove to Lake Havasu, slept in the rental car, on Saturday drove to Las Vegas, looked around the city, slept in the rental car again, and then on Sunday drove back to Phoenix. We drove over 800 miles in the three days, had about a $25 budget for food (which we stayed within!) and had SO MUCH FUN! We stopped at anything and everything that looked interesting to us along the way.
So, anniversary number 1 took really hit up three states - Arizona, California and Nevada! Good start to our goal :)

Anniversary number 2 was completely different than the year before. For starters, we had a little tag along :) It was fun though - we went to Helen, GA and rented a gorgeous cabin in the mountains. We discovered a quaint little restaurant that served cool different cheeses to sample, we drove through the mountains - which was miserable as Judah and my ears were popping - Judah screamed, I wanted to. It was a memorable and enjoyable trip, but really low key - which was what we needed at the time!

So this year is anniversary number 3. We want to go somewhere that we can drive to - so like 6-ish hours is our range. We're looking at South Carolina, Florida, Alabama or Tennessee. Judah will be tagging along this year, but he will be easier to do things with, although I'm not really suppose to do a whole lot because of the pregnancy stuff ... so - really, I am looking to see if anyone has any ideas of cool places to visit in one of those four states?
Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

Can you go to Hilton Head, SC? It is a bit tourist-y but pretty and by the ocean.

Jessica Morris said...

We have been to Hilton Head several times, just for fun, so we want somewhere we haven't yet been!
It is very pretty though! :)

Catherine said...

Are you looking to keep your trip cheap?

Florida has:
- Disney World
- Universal Studios
- other theme parks

If you happen to like NASCAR, there is Daytona Beach.

Here is an artcile I found on "Family Places in Florida"

CALEBBBBBBBBBBb cauterize said...

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oh, and for your 3rd anniversary, go to.... utah... it's a state that exists emrely because it does. perfect place for an annaversary =D

Emily said...

North Carolina is a wonderful place!! The mountains are beautiful and I love the Biltmore house. The beaches here are also nice. I live in the middle of the state. We have cool stuff here too. A great zoo, children's museum, Old Salem, the original Krispy Kreme, and a babysitter for Judah so you and Paul could go out alone one night. LOL

Crystal said...

I vote Texas.

Oh, not on your list?

Then I vote... Texas. ;o)

Essie said...

I say go to Nashville... !!! Because I want to!!!

mel said...

*Whispers* You forgot to put Idaho on your list...


You should go to Alabama, but I really don't have a good reason why. I just want to go there someday. :)

Anonymous said...

Our family went to the Sevierville/ Pigeon Forge area of Tenn. For our vacation last year and had a blast. We particularly enjoyed the Forbidden Caverns and the Lost Sea Adventure. Our kids are older 11,11,14 but I saw several families with babies (using the snugli type carriers)

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