Paul enjoys cooking and baking, and the things he does he does *very* well. A few weeks ago he decided he wanted to master Chocolate Chip Cookies. He had no complaints from me!!

He has found the perfect recipe for these delicious treats (that he keeps hidden in his cell phone... sorry, I can't share it! I don't know it!) These cookies really are VERY yummy though!
He makes a double batch and the shapes them, then sticks them in the freezer. That was his feeble attempt to keep me from eating too many of them :)
But raw cookie dough tastes almost as good as a just baked cookie. And frozen cookie dough doesn't take very long to cook.

The pita bread I made the other night tasted really good! We ate it all before I got a chance to take a picture! But I highly recommend the recipe!!

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Crystal said...

Ooh I need a perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Won't Paul share? For ME??? Your old pal?? Please?

I send you tea!! ;)

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