Would you like Lemon with that?

I don't claim to understand Judah - I just love him. And some days that is harder to do than others. Um, yes. I just publicly said that some days the cute little chunk of fat with blue eyes and 5 1/2 teeth is harder to love on some days than others.

He has some how gotten into a picky eating stage. Tell me - how does a not quite 13 month old know how to wrinkle up his nose at food?! And how does the food he liked yesterday suddenly become worthy of that wrinkled up nose? I don't get it.
But, for today, I seem to of found the fix all for his food - everything he eats is sprinkled in lemon juice. And he loves it. *I did tell you I don't claim to understand him.*
Right now he is eating carrots, chick peas and toast with cream cheese - all marinated in lemon juice. And he thinks it is funny.

Oh - and before I forget, the editing program I use is Microsoft Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition - I was going to link to it, but Amazon was selling it for $149. I bought it one and a bit years ago for $70, so it must be something different. I have never used any other program, so I couldn't tell you how it compares. I am happy with it.


Catherine said...

I love tart things as well!

The Rock Chick said...

When my kids were little they would eat anything, I swear. Once they learned that wrinkle their nose up trick, it became harder and harder to get them to eat some things.

Now...eeek! I don't think there is one thing that all four of them will eat. Even chocolate! Little Daughter can't stand chocolate. I can't even bleieve that! LOL

Aunt Essie said...

Hahaha! You can thank Uncle Adam for the lemon thing;) he was feeding them to Judah in October :-p

Crystal said...

Well, at least lemon juice is healthy. :)

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