Today was a self-inflicted "lets practice patience" day. I got lots of practice in :) And we are both still alive.

I had this brilliant idea of taking Judah to the mall and letting him walk around until he was good and tired and ready to crash. I didn't take into account the fact that *I* would be cranky - I mean good - and tired way before his little legs needed a break.
Judah loved all the people he could talk to ("Heyyyyy") and all of the clothing racks that he could touch. I promise - his hands were clean.
I put him in the stroller a couple of times just because I needed to walk at a pace faster than a turtle with the weight of the world on his back (albeit a happy turtle!) and Judah was satisfied to sit and watch the world go by, but he was just overjoyed to be able to walk himself. I couldn't deny him that pleasure. And so we spend 4 hours toddling through the mall. (I did actually find some cool napkin rings for SEVENTEEN CENTS each, down from $10 each. I bought the remaining 5, but none of them match. Any ideas for napkin rings?!)

So that was lesson 1 in patience.

At supper time I decided to let him feed himself applesauce.
And then for dessert I let him feed himself a Popsicle. That wasn't so much a lesson in patience as it was in stupidity. Colored (which means it stains), frozen (which means it melts) sugar (which means it sticks) stuff is not my friend. And I here-by proclaim it to not be my son's friend either.


Sarge Charlie said...

Patience, yep, you need it, the TT (TERRIBLE TWOS) only last about 4 years. smile

The Rock Chick said...

My kids used to love to walk the mall, too! We used to call it "Shopping for nothing!" LOL

My oldest would hold on to the stroller and walk a bit so it wasn't too bad, but #2 was like a bolt of lightening. She'd be off talking to everyone and climbing clothes racks. I had to get one of those wrist leashes for her!

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