I'm in!

Since two of my bloggy friends have mentioned it, I need to jump on the band wagon too!!

I am entering the writing contest by THIS ELECTIVE LIFE.

My entry is going to Paul's guest entry about his time in Korea. I am *sure* it was scary to him. Wouldn't you be scared to be standing naked in a bathroom smelling, um, unpleasant?

So HERE IT IS. My sweet husbands infamous moment in time.


Chelsea Rae said...

Wow that is weird... after reading Crystal's blog about that I thought to myself "Jessica should enter that story of Paul..." almost every time I visit your blog I think of that story and it still makes me laugh!

Oh, and I will blog the biscotti recipe tonight :)

mel said...

That story cracks me up!!

...no pun intended, of course...

That wasn't very lady-like of me. So sorry!

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