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I keep intending to write a post about CVS Extra Bucks, but have been rather lazy about it, but the deals keep getting better and better and I feel guilty for not telling everyone about it! So this is being posted with great hopes that you will jump on the CVS Extra Bucks band wagon!! I will do my best to explain everything to you.

First you need to apply for a CVS Extra Bucks card (it's free.) You can do it on their website HERE or go into the store and apply.
A helpful tip before moving on: call or ask in your local store when their stocking day(s) are and plan your trip for within an hour after stocking. Some of these deals go so fast!

Alright, so now down to what this is all about ... basically you are going to have to start with an initial "investment." If you look in the flier (which is available to be seen online, or you can see it in the store, or perhaps you get them in your paper!) you will see something that says "You pay with card $x.yz/ extra backs reward $x.yz/ It's like getting it FREE after extra bucks."
So for example our flier this week has Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor or Gloss "You pay with card $8.99/ Extra Bucks Reward $8.99/ It's like getting it for FREE after extra bucks." (This is on the front page.)

If you were to go in and buy the lipcolor you would pay an investment of $8.99 out of pocket, but then when they print out your receipt there will be a credit on the bottom for $8.99. You can put it towards anything in the store.

So here's where it gets tricky. Or smart.

You can take your $8.99 Extra Bucks and use it for something else that gives you Extra Bucks.

So on page 14 you find Oral B Toothbrushes for $4.99 each with $4.99 Extra Bucks back. And there is Listerine Smart Rinse for Kids for $2.99 with $2.99 Extra Bucks back.
Back on page 1 you have Jelly Beans for $.99 with $.99 Extra Bucks back.

Stay with me for a moment.

You will be within pennies of your $8.99 Extra Bucks that you have "invested" in.
So buy one of each of those items for a total of nothing or pennies. Literally, pennies. And you will then be given three barcodes on the bottom of your receipt, one for each of the totals you just spent.
So you'll have a
$2.99 and
$.99 credit.

THEN, if you look at the bottom of the items that say "It's like getting it FREE" it will tell you what your limit is on the amount you can purchase. I think all of these items have a limit of 2.

So turn around and buy another one of each of those items.
You will again be given
$2.99 and
$.99 credit.

And then there is STILL more stuff you can get. Without spending any more than your initial investment! Just check out your flier and see!
Of course you don't want to be wasteful and get things you'll never use just because they are free. All the candy I take to youth group because my hips don't need it :)

Oh, they also have an "EXTRA BUCKS" book that you can only pick up in the CVS store. Those have month long specials.
Some of those month long specials end up in the weekly ad, but some of them are unique, so make sure to check that too. Off the top of my head I know there are vitamins, toothbrushes (the ones that are in this weeks flier), toothpaste and lip chap.

All of the things you see in the picture above are items I got for free. I didn't spend a penny as I had $18 in Extra Bucks from before. And I walked out with $18 in credit for the next time I go in.

You do have to keep close tabs on your Extra Bucks. They are printed on the bottom of your receipt, and you need to hand it over to use it - so don't loose it!!
Also, they do expire, I believe they last one month. But check yours to be certain.

Let me know if this makes any sense, and if you try it out!
Happy shopping!


The Rock Chick said...

It actually does make sense! My sister was telling me about this, too. I'm going to have to give it a go!

Stacy said...

I keep thinking about doing this, but every time I see the lists of what people have bought, none of it is things that we really use. I suppose I could buy it then give it away, but I don't know.

Crystal said...

We used to live right next to a CVS when we lived in an apartment. We shopped there a lot. I bought a lot of candy there. :o)

I never remembered to use my extra bucks though, and I doubt they have too much that I'd buy these days.

Jessica said...

Holy cow. Must check this out.

Bethany said...

Ooo, you are such a smart shopper...

Mel's Mom said...

Wowzer! Smart girl, you are!

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