Across the Street

I love being pregnant. It's the funniest time of my life. I am so glad God gave me a sense of humor, because otherwise being pregnant would be extremely frustrating. :)

Today I took Judah out to eat. We needed to get out and doing something fun together, and what's more fun then watching your baby chow down pickles and lemons while you munch on a delicious panini and sip an Iced Chi?
So we're sitting at our table and I get a phone call from one of Paul's friends.
He needs his tool box, which just happens to be in the back of the car I'm driving.
I told him we were at Panera, and he said he was at Pier 1, right across the street! Cool, eh? It literally is right across the street.
He said he'd be over in a minute and a half, and I told him that we were just finishing up our delicious pickle and sandwich, and we'd meet him by our car in a minute and a half.
We finished up and I went out to the car. Minutes rolled by and I was super confused why he hadn't shown up yet. So I look across the street. And guess what I see across the street? Panera. And Paul's friend.
I look at the restaurant I had just walked out of. It was Atlanta Bread House. Oops. Atlanta Bread House is in the exact same parking lot as Pier 1.
So I called up the friend. I could see him answering his phone. I'm almost sure I saw him roll his eyes as I told him I wasn't actually at Panera, I was at Atlanta.

The friend came and got his tool box, and then Judah, his pickle and a super embarrassed me went into Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Paul had left me an envelope to open for each day he was gone, and one of the days had a gift card in it. I was going to have a little bit more fun and go shopping and spend the gift card. I was in the store for one hour. When you have $25 on a gift card it's hard to pick what to buy. I thought about a hair straightener. Then a sheet bath towel. Then a trash can (it looked cool! Seriously.) I finally decided on a candle, a table cloth and matching cloth napkins - they were all on major clearance and all three items would be right about $25.
So I took my well thought out purchases to the cashier. She rings up my items as I pull out my gift card. She tells me the total and asks me to swipe the gift card. I do, and nothing happens. She asks me to swipe it again. So I do. Again, nothing.
So she asks for the card and starts to swipe it herself, and then pauses.

"Umm... this is a gift card for Bath and Body Works. You are in Bed, Bath and Beyond."

All I could say at that moment was "Oh..."
I'm sure my face turned red.
She asked if I still wanted the items. I said no - they really weren't as cool anymore if I needed to actually spend real money on them.
So I left the store empty handed and red faced.
And as if that weren't bad enough - what do you think was right across the street?

Bath and Body Works.

Life is funny :)


Essie said...

hahahaha! You make me laugh :)

Bethany said...

Oh, you are too funny! It's nice that people are extra understanding when you are pregnant. I did the stupidest things during the end of my first trimester and my second trimester. I remember wondering where my brain went!

Mel's Mom said...

Life may be funny, but so are you. Don't feel bad- we've all done something like that (and for those who have not...well..their life is quite dull).

Amber said...

That is hilarious!!!! Sounds like something I would do--and I'm not pregnant. :-p

trying said...

Thats hilarious! Mommy brain is a poop isnt it!? I feel like I got "slower" with each pregnancy, lord knows how ill be when number three comes along.

Kim said...

That's too funny, Jess!!! I love your belly pic, btw!! =)

mel said...

Oh how funny!

This only makes me want to go shopping with you more! :-)

You are a cute prego, by the way!

Donna said...

LOL...we could get into all kinds of trouble together, Jess!


Erin said...

How hilarious!! I'm sure it wasnt at the moment, but yeah...haha

We havent gotten to watch TinMan yet, we havent had anytime at home where I felt like doing anything but sleeping. I'm ready for the 2nd trimester!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

That's too funny! Totally something I would do too. Though hopefully not both incidents in one day.:)

Do I still get to blame pregnancy brain even though I gave birth 2 months ago?!

Bethany said...

Aw, now that's a funny story!!! I'm so impressed with your ability to laugh at yourself and share your moments with the rest of us. :-)

The Rock Chick said...

You are so funny! These kinds of things are what makes life amusing, no? I can totally see myself doing exactly that...only I'm not pregnant LOL

But, I do have four teenagers which could make you just as cuckoo! :)

Crystal said...

It could be worse. I mean, at least you didn't lock yourself in the bathroom... naked.

Pretty funny though! I laughed out loud and then stopped myself because it's totally something that would happen to me. :)

Catherine said...

wow, that is funny.

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