Green Something

I went to Lowe's today to buy some flowers and supplies for the bench. I decided at this point to leave the terra cotta pots as they are - I think Paul would shoot me if I added another project to our to-do list :)
I did a little bit of garden work - this one still needs more work done to it, but here's the gist of how it's going to look. The only real thing in there is the grassy stuff... I am hoping it doesn't die. That would be embarrassing.

I am using the pots to hold flowers. I only got flowers in one of the pots, but the other two will eventually have flowers in them as well :)


Mel's Mom said...

Very nice! You are quite creative.

Crystal said...

Don't be embarrassed if it dies. I kill all plants, remember? Don't you know it just means that you're super intelligent?

Oh, and beautiful too.

See? Killing plants is a GOOD thing!

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