Before & After

Here are some pictures of our newly painted kitchen. I wish I'd done better "before" pics - and also some during pictures!! I am exhausted thinking back on the project, but Ashley and I (and our two boys!!) managed to get it done in three days.
Thank-you Ashley for all your help!!

We do still have a bit more work to do - a second coat of paint on the doors, and add the knobs, and freshed up the trim.
If you click on the picture you will be able to see it in more detail.

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Jessica said...

Oh gosh! That looks like it was an exhausting job. I've never done a kitchen before (my hubby did that to our house before we got married - yay!) but I've done bathrooms and it's no fun with those cabinet doors and all. Y'all did a good job, though! Did he like it?

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