Happy Day

Today has been a marvelous day. Paul didn't have to be at work until 2:30, so the three of us went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We never go out for breakfast, and I'm not sure why! It's tons of fun and such a great way to start the day :) And I ordered something I *loved* - usually when we go out to eat and I order something I end up looking enviously at Paul's plate wishing I could eat his food. But my Eggs in a Basket with bacon and hashbrowns were much better looking than Paul's eggs, French toast and bacon. I enjoyed enjoying my food more than his :)

We came home and hung out for a little bit. I took Judah out for a walk. I love taking him for walks - everything fascinates him. It's fun :) Especially when it is 77 F outside. How can anyone complain when it's that warm?!

Then we drove Paul to work and Jubster and I went grocery shopping. He was in a charming mood and we made many friends :) He was also dubbed "my best friend" by a little boy named Noah that wouldn't stop kissing his toes. His mother was embarrassed, but really she should've been more concerned about where Judah's feet had been. *Ick*

Grocery shopping is always more cheerful when I find sales. I have halfheartedly started using coupons, and even with my pathetic attempt at it I generally save $3-$6 on items I normally buy, so that's cool.
But today I got butter for $1/pound and Gatorade for .50 cents each (down from $1.23!)

Then there was something that puzzled me... I totally do.not.get.it. I stood in the aisle reading the signs over and over and over again because it just didn't make sense. And it still doesn't make sense!
A 10lb bag of flour cost $4.66 a bag.
A 5lb bag of flour costs .99 cents a bag.
Why would anyone ever buy a 10lb bag? It just made no sense. And I let it puzzle me for longer than I should have!

The conclusion of the grocery shopping trip was nice too. See, at commissaries they have baggers and the baggers put the groceries in another cart and then take it out to the car for you, and then they expect a tip. Which is fine, except at ours most of the baggers are seriously stupid people who mix all the groceries up - canned stuff with veggies, raw meat with fruit, etc. I know you shouldn't judge by appearances, but generally, if they can't speak English well they can't bag groceries well either, so I always tell those ones (way ahead of time!) that I'll take my groceries out myself. And then I don't tip, because they didn't DO anything to deserve a tip. But when I don't tip they give me a death glare until I am out of site. It is *unbelievable* how rude they can be.
So anyways, I normally dread the checkout part of shopping at the commissary just because of the baggers, but today I had the sweetest, English speaking, older lady who was bagging. It made me happy.

So there you have it. A rather boring post about my rather marvelous day. :)


Chelsea Rae said...

Butter for $1 a pound!!!???!!!???

Wow I am insanely jealous! Up here I can't get butter for less than $3.45 a pound and that is on sale at Costco! I sure envy you people who live in bigger cities.

Anonymous said...

I so hear ya on the baggers Jess. It doesn't help that the comissary guilts you into tipping by putting up signs every where that say, "Baggers work for tips only"
I always hate checking out, the baggers all crowd around like vultures and you can hardly get by to get out the door.
Luckily...it saves us money right?? =P

The Rock Chick said...

I can't stand how they bad groceries at our grocery store. Besides the fact that it takes them like 10 minutes to do it, sometimes I find the bags so overstuffed that they break or I find just one item in each bag.

Makes me crazy!

Are you kidding? This post wasn't boring at all! I love the way you describe things. Especially breakfast! My favorite breakfast in restaurants is Eggs Benedict....MMMMM!

Mel's Mom said...

We have a store here that will bag and take things out to your car also, but they aren't allowed to receive tips. Of course, it is the most expensive store in town so, for me, it's not worth it. The only thing with the flour that makes sense is maybe the larger packages came from an earlier batch and they wanted them off the shelves quickly.

Bethany said...

I LOVE boring posts. :) It makes me feel much better about what I post.

Bethany said...

And, I should add, that I enjoyed your post, even if it was about going to the grocery store.

Crystal said...

Butter at $1/lb. That's a great deal. Email me some, will ya?

Don't get me started on baggers!!

I love Cracker Barrel. Their biscuits are yummy.

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