Uncle Spenny is here!

Last night my brother Spencer flew in! Paul just happened to be working in the city that Spen was flying into, so I picked Paul up when work was over and we went out for supper and then just drove around a bit waiting for the plane to land.
We got some terrific Chinese food! And we had enough left over that Spencer could have his fill of it too!
On the drive back to the apartment Spencer said "You know, I heard babies stare at attractive people ... I must be pretty good looking because James* hasn't taken his eyes of me." He is so full of himself. He doesn't need his nephew staring at him to make him feel any more confident of his good looks!!

*About the James thing - Judah's full name is Judah Spencer James. Spen decided he doesn't like the name Judah. And since he is Spencer he can't call his nephew that. So he refers to him as James. It's pretty annoying, but he is pretty consistent with it! If it continues up until Judah can talk than Judah will refer to his Uncle by his middle name - Kelvin.


Crystal said...

Hah! He sounds like a character. :)

Hey, you're getting close to 6th place!

Sarge Charlie said...

Judah is ok with me......

Shawn said...

I heard babies stare at wierd looking people

mel said...

Kelvin... Now that's hot.

Sounds like a fun night!
& I like the name Judah by the way! :)

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