Last evening Judah and I were invited to the Jewish Community Center where the Friendship Caravan had a dinner and show. We got to eat Israeli food (yum yum! Though those from Israel thought it was gross! All those who had never lived in Israel loved it!) After dinner 10 scouts - 5 guys and 5 girls ages 16 and 17 - did some dancing and singing for us. It was so much fun!! Paul was away on an overnight mission, so it was especially nice to get out of the apartment and be near other human beings that could actually talk to me!

Judah has started shrieking and it drives me insane. It's happy shrieking, so it's not like I can be totally upset when he does it, but my goodness ... he sounds like a wet cat in a potato sack being tossed around. I managed to capture in on movie, so soon I will upload the shrieks and you can enjoy them too!

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Kristin said...

I know what you mean about going insane. It's hard to be upset by happy noises but sometimes they are just so loud!!! Thankfully, Helen's shrieking stage is starting to fade.

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