Dippin' Dots

Yum! When we lived in Oklahoma we had a Dippin' Dots right by our house and just yesterday we discovered one right by us here!! So of course we had to try it out! It wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been, due to the fact that I had four fillings this week! But it was still good! It is a different experience - not really comparable to ice cream! It's a little expensive - the "medium" size bowl (below) is $3.50, but it is fun to try!!

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The Rock Chick said...

My kids just love those Dippin' Dots! They sell them at Six Flags here and they are like $5.00 for the small one.

I'm still on the fence about them. I like them the first couple of spoonfuls, but then I don't seem to taste them anymore. Maybe their sub-zero temp freezes my tastebuds or something :)...I just take a bite or two of the kids' and that's more than enough for me.


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