Thanks for the Warning!

Our maintenance men at the apartments here have this thing with warning you they're about to come work on your apartment. Our AC has been temperamental at best the last few days , so Paul left a message asking them to come look at it.

They showed up this morning while I was still asleep (granted, I slept in!) and I was awakened to them BELLOWING from the door "Maintenance! We're here to fix your AC. MAINTENANCE! Can we come in?"

Ok, so the embarrassing thing about this is that they KNEW I was in the apartment! Our bedroom door had been left open and the bed can be seen from the hallway and I was wearing ... not much. So they must have knocked, entered on their own, gone to the hallway SEEN ME, then went back to the door and hollered till I woke up.

I woke up, covered myself up, and closed the bedroom door, while telling them to come in and mumbling about being sick (which I wasn't, but it sounded like a good excuse for still being in bed!!)

There is something about this apartment and being walked in on ... just after I moved down here in January I had just gotten out of the shower and was sitting on our couch putting coca butter over my tummy and thighs (trying to avoid those stretch marks!) I was not wearing any clothes. Just a towel around my head. Suddenly our apartment door opens and this mid-twenty year old walked in with a dog! Except she walked in backwards so she didn't see us right away, and the dog had run in ahead, and was down our hallway. Paul and I sat on the couch with our mouths wide open. Ok, well my mouth was wide open! Paul was running down the hall trying to get the dog out. It all happened in slow motion. The woman turned, saw me, in all my naked, greasy pregnant glory. She looked around the apartment, recognized it as the wrong one, her eyes grew huge, she turned bright red, and started stammering about how she just started dog walking and she was new here and she hadn't meant to walk in here - all the while trying not to look at me, who was trying to use my tiny, very wet, hair towel to cover up my very big pregnant self.
As soon as she left Paul just cracked up laughing - he couldn't decide who was more embarrassed - me or her.
I think, to date, this is the most embarrassing story of my life!
I dare you - will you share yours?

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Erin said...

That is by far the most embarrassing tale I have heard. Nothing compares...I laughed out loud here at work!! Havent talked to you in a while, how are you? I cant believe how big Judah is getting!!!

ChelseaRae said...

*oh my goodness!!!* I can't imagine how embarrassed you must have been! I don't think I have an embarrassing moment that could even remotely compare to that. I have been voting for you every day, are you moving up??

Crystal said...

LOL I remember when this happened... it hasn't gotten less funny. ;oP

Bethany said...

This is too funny... I bet the woman was more embarrassed than you, to have walked in on a very pregnant, naked woman. This made melaugh too.

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