Life Right Now

Today was 'one of those days.' Ya know, the ones where you wonder why on earth did I bother to even get out of bed??
I should have clued in when I woke up and went to brush my teeth and the water was shut off - yuck! No clean teeth for me this morning.
Then I decided to drive on base and walk that track. I had just started on my walk when the thunder starts rumbling and little rain drops start falling. I only got to finish 1 mile of the 6 I had intended (and desperately needed!) to do. As disappointed as I was at not being able to finish the walk I was quite happy when the rain POURED down a minute AFTER I had gotten the stroller, baby and self into the car! Perfect timing!
Since I'd rushed the mile I was sweaty and yucky - and desperately looking forward to a shower. But, as my life would be, the water was STILL out when I got home! And remained out for the majority of the day leaving all the laundry and dishes just sitting around with nothing to do.


The Rock Chick said...

HI Jessica,

UGH! No water is horrible. We had that happen once here over some huge water main break in the street.

Do you at least have air conditioning now???


Crystal said...


I would have run to the store to get bottled water to brush my teeth. lol

Rasputin said...

nothing can be worse than no water first thing in the am

Becki said...

Yuck! Not fun, and not safe! Aren't they supposed to give you warning if they're going to do that? What if you fed your baby formula, and didn't have water to mix it in, or something?


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