Pain in the Teeth

I had a dentist appointment today and was given four fillings. It took them nearly two hours to complete and Judah just hung out enjoying whatever thoughts entertain his little mind. He was *so good* and made me so proud with how well behaved he was!!
But now I am at home in pain. I have never had many issues with teeth - in fact I have only ever had one filling and one wisdom tooth removed, so today was a rather traumatic day for my mouth! I still need to go back this summer to get another filling and a wisdom tooth removed. And *then* hopefully all my teeth drama will be over!

These are the times that I wish I lived closer to my family so that I could just drop Judah off and not worry about having to care for him! I am very grateful that he is so good natured, but it still isn't very fun to have to care for someone else when I just feel like curling up and sleeping till the pain goes away!!


The Rock Chick said...

Awww!!! You do have a dentist drama! 2 hours of dental work is a lot, even if it isn't uncomfortable, it's hard to sit there. Do you have friends in the area who could watch him for a couple of hours? Maybe just a short nap will help you out!!

I'd babysit if I were closer!!!


Crystal said...

Goodness, that's a long visit. Even my root canals didn't take that long.

I hate dental drama. HATE IT. My mouth is always sooo sore from the shots.

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