Hot stuff

It is so unbelievably hot here!! After all the excitement with the maintenance men this morning the air conditioning STILL does not work! It is 92 F INSIDE our apartment! We are two degrees hotter inside than it is outside. It is almost 10pm - I don't see it cooling down too much through the night!
Since the maintenance men couldn't fix the unit they sent in an actual AC man this afternoon - he said that a certain part is broken and he can't replace it until MONDAY - so we will be living in this insane heat until then!! It won't be good for our chequeing account as this means I will be spending lots of time out of the house in air conditioned stores!
It is so hot I can't even stand to nurse Judah - our bodies just stick together. Yuck! So we fill the bath tub with all cold water, I sit in there and hold him, and he eats in the cold water =)

This evening I spent a good three hours at the mall to get away from these heat ... there were so many sales! I just adore a good sale. I bought Judah three things from Gap Baby - a hoodie for $3 down from $20, a white dress shirt for $3 down from $25 and a dress jacket for $4 down from $30. I just love sales like that!


Crystal said...

Ooh that sucks.

mel said...

That heat doesn't sound like much fun at all! [[ But the SALE does!! :) ]] I'm always ready for a SALE. :)

The Rock Chick said...

Wow! You were already hot stuff with the air conditioning...you must be "smokin' hot" now :)

Hope it gets fixed soon!!!


Mel's Mom said...

Sorry about that heat! I get SOOOO crabby when I'm hot. I found the library a nice alternative to shopping on a hot day(depending on Judah's mood, of course).

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