Monster Baby

Aunt Essie and Judah

I have to keep reminding myself that there really was a time when my baby was a charming, sweet, loveable baby. One that I was proud of, and would happily claim as my own. I don't know where that baby went to, or why he disappeared ... he has been replaced with this monster that I would rather have not ever met. This monster wants to eat around the clock, cries for no apparent reason and wants to be held all of the time - which wouldn't be so bad considering he's got his doting grandparents and uncles and aunt here, but he wants to be held by ME all the time. If he is teething he picked a rather bad time to decide to do that... if he isn't teething than I haven't a clue why he is acting this way but I do hope Prince Charming returns soon and Royal Pain goes away!

Today Judah is exactly 5 months old. Even more exciting than that though is that I am 22 today! Happy Birthday to me! And to Sarah Coston- and Jonathan Ip! I can't have a birthday without thinking about my birthday buddies, even though I haven't seen Jonathan in YEARS. He gets thought about every June 27th!
So anyways, mum was going to do a birthday dinner for me, but instead I have opted to go out to dinner with the bride and groom to be. Craig arrived in Toronto last night (it was suppose to have been Monday night ... but four stitches later he flew in Tuesday night.) so tonight he'll get to meet the Monster. Hopefully Judah will put on some charms and try to win his Uncle Craig's heart!
We are going to go out to a Greek place and then find a coffee shop with big enough tables that we can play Settlers of Catan on!

The Strawberry Festival is this weekend - I haven't been to it in years so I am rather excited about it! I am attempting to get Judah registered to be in the Cutest Baby Contest. I may be too late to register... Spencer was going to find out today! It would be fun to take my sweet, happy baby to the festival, if said baby decides to make an appearance before then!

I got to Nintendo Wii today with Ford, the boy my mum babysits.
SO much fun!! I want to get one for us now =)


Sarge Charlie said...

You have learned the joys of being a parent, oh well, they will grow up.

Anonymous said...

happy bday!!! im sorry its one day late but i did remember! i dont now if you remember but 1 year ago yesterday rob and i found out we were having a boy, JACK!!! and on july23 we find out again!!! judah might be going thru speration anexity(spelling). jack did, and its surprising because he was so young, like judah! it goes away! but "they" say it comes back.... we havent had it come back yet! thank god!!!! its hard...i know! and if its just teething use baby orajel and infant tylenol... it makes a huge difference!!!!! -ashleigh

The Rock Chick said...

Hi Jessica!!!

Ummm..it is probably teething or just general baby crankiness (they get that way sometimes) or maybe even an ear infection. That can make them pretty uncomfortable....

My third daughter had colic so bad...she screamed for six hours a day from 6 to midnight and there was nothing I could do.

Still, I'm going to say I'd trade a baby for a teenager any day!!

My oldest is on the way home from the DMV with her driving permit. Oh boy!!!! Heaven help me.

Glad to see you're enjoying yourselves!!! That Wii looks pretty fun!


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