Judah and the things he's been up to...


The Rock Chick said...

Are you really trying to tell me that this cute little baby with those big blue eyes is cranky sometimes? Oh no. I refuse to believe it! :)

cute pics!


Jeanie said...

Hey, Jess:

How are the wedding things coming? My sister's wedding is 7/7/07 also...I guess we'll both have our bridesmaid stories to tell!

Ah, that Judah-in-a-pot photo just makes me smile ear-to-ear. CAN HE GET ANY CUTER? (See, there's no SOUND in the photo so I can't hear the fussing...) ;o)

Hope you are well and having fun, and that Paul is not too lonesome without his best buds there with him.

Jeanie from CW

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