The Canal

Amanda leaves bright and early tomorrow morning - we will be leaving here at three in the morning to get to the airport for six! Thankfully Paul has tomorrow off work so he will be coming along with us!! We plan to spend the rest of the day in Atlanta - neither of us have explored that city yet, so if we aren't completely exhausted it will be lots of fun!

Today we went to the canal. It was so beautiful! Here are some pictures:


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures

Anonymous said...

hey, you really have a photographers eye! you have great pics always on your blog! i went to atlanta about 4 years ago and it was great fun. you should go to the buckhead mall if you want to shop!! its on peachtree street and its awesome! plus the coke museum and a place called the underground. they are both right by each other. hope you have fun! i looked foward to your pics of the trip! love ashleigh

Bethany said...

I love the pictures too... I can't seem to get good picture with my camera, but then again, I don't really practice often enough!

Crystal said...

Those are some really good photos.

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