Barefoot in Atlanta

Yesterday morning -bright and early I might add - we dropped Amanda off at the airport. We got a few hours of sleep in an IHOP parking lot, then went to explore Atlanta. I think it is the most beautiful city I have ever been in! I LOVED it!! The traffic was rather insane, which meant finding a parking spot was a challenge, but once we found a spot all was good.
If you ever have the option of going to Atlanta DO IT!! We started out going to the underground mall, which was pretty cool to see! We spent the rest of the day walking through the city exploring and enjoying the sights, tastes and sounds!

Judah hung out in his stroller most of the day.

In the 'Olympic Park' (or something like that) - it was a gorgeous park and had these cool fountains for people to play in!

A picture made of brick - kind of hard to see all the details! If you click on it to enlarge it you may be able to see it better.

This man is the coolest man!! His name is Copper and he is a construction worker. On the side he makes bracelets out of the scrap metal and wires he gets from his job. He sits in the park and sells them to whoever wants to buy them. He also sits and reads up on his constitutional rights - he gets harassed by the police a lot, so he keeps a book of his rights next to him to show whoever bothers him!! If you are ever in the city look for this man and buy something from him!!
He uses these supplies
To make these:

We ate at Ali Baba's - a Mediterranean cafe - for lunch. The food was amazing!! I recommend checking this place out too!! Their baklava was delicious!
We walked about ten blocks to get to the new World of Coca Cola. When we got there we saw that admission was $15/person! Yikes!! We'd thought we'd pay about that much for both of us to get in, so we were rather disappointed that we'd walked so far for nothing. But then we had the brilliant thought to inquire about military discount. They are temporarily offering FREE admission to members of the military! So that meant we only had to pay for me. Sweet!! We walked through and looked at the displays, watched a 4-D motion show, did some taste testing and watched some commercials from around the world for Coca Cola - we got some movies of those, which I will upload shortly.
The first room you walk into has TONS of adds for Coca Cola from different countries from over the years.

Our family with the Coca Cola bear!

They had a room devoted to tasting Coca Cola products!! YUMMY! Paul was smart and only tried the ones that looked good - but I tried every single drink in there! There were 54 different flavors from all different countries - mango tea, mint coke, melon coke, etc. You can drink as much as you want of whatever in there that you want! And then when you leave they give you a glass bottle of coke, bottled in Atlanta within the last few days.

When we were walking back to our car it started to POUR!! We managed to get under a covering for the worst of it, and hung out there until the rain calmed down a little - which is when we made a run for our car. Running in wet flip flops doesn't work so well, so I ran through Atlanta barefoot. Kind of icky, but oh well - it didn't kill me!
Some people were adventurous enough to brave the rains, we enjoyed watching them and taking pictures of them!


Anonymous said...

im glad you guys had a good time! when i went down there i stayed at the howard johnson's right in front of the coke museum. it was really nce!!!yea the parking there sucks! and people just jump out in front of your car and some of the roads are only one way for certain hours and then both ways other hours and its very confusing!!! if you get a chance , you guys should go to a braves game, the stadium is AWESOME!!! its alot of fun... definatly a must see! love ashleigh

The Rock Chick said...

how cool! sounds like you guys had a really good time!!! I've never been to Atlanta. My sister-in-law recently moved near there from New York for her husbands job. One of these days we;ll get there and check out her new place. The World of Coke looks like fun!!!

Great pics! Especially the rain ones....love them!


Catherine (almost_grinch) said...

I went to the Coca-Cola World that is in Vegas, but they didn't have all that free soda to drink. I had to pay for the samples I had.

Anonymous said...

wow, never been to Atlanta. Again, wow. but yeah. missed yeah at church :)

~aunt Sarah~!

mel said...

That looks like SO much fun!

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