Why We Drink Green Smoothies 3 Times a Day

Why We Drink Green Smoothies 3 Times a Day

I have been trying for a week now to figure out the best way to explain why we drink 3 green smoothies a day and how we chose what goes in them and I feel a bit at a loss as to where to begin. Green smoothies have been a part of our lives for several years but have only recently been given such a prominent place in our diet. Our journey to Green Smoothies Overload has been a developing one and there are key places in our life where this story could start. I have chosen to start this story when...

Paul Told Me That I Was Gaining Weight.

It started back in the fall when Paul made a simple comment about how it looked like I was gaining weight.
A loving, concerned comment that I graciously received and appreciated. It sparked a resolve to lose the weight that I had never lost from my pregnancy with Wesley, where I tipped out at 195lbs and over 15 months after his birth hadn't dropped beneath 176lbs.

Paul and I discussed numerous options on top of healthy eating and regular exercise and we decided on Osolean powder, a Whey Protein Supplement created by Mannatech. The product, which follows the Osolean plan also created by Mannatech, is designed to aid in fat reduction.
It is a powder that is easily mixed in with food or drinks and you consume it twice daily. The powder itself took me awhile to get use to and I found it easiest to consume mixed in with Orange Juice with high pulp.
I started the Osolean powder in October '09, combining it with regular exercise and eating healthy and I officially ended my time with it almost 4 months later in February.

I started at a weight of 176lbs and ended at a weight of 172lbs. That number would have been extremely discouraging except for one thing - I measured my body in 23 different places every few weeks throughout the time period and that was the true measure of results. In the 4 months of using Osolean I lost 30 inches of fat from my body! My body strength and energy increased and I felt so good!

I stopped using Osolean for a few reasons - mainly it is because I had only ever intended for it to be a tool to help me get rolling on my weight loss goals. Secondly I stopped using it because it is expensive. And thirdly I stopped using it because I wanted to start losing pounds.

That brought me to the Warrior Diet stage, which is to be continued...


Yoyo said...

My family are all avid users of Mannatech products, mostly the Ambrotose and Phytaloe, and I've also used the Sport.

Do you recommend the Osolean? Like, knowing what you know now, would you do it again?

Jessica Morris said...

Yes, I would recommend it Yoyo.
And I would encourage measuring yourself as opposed to weighing yourself, which is what the Osolean program recommends but its so different from "the norm".

Bethany said...

I tried making a green smoothie again. I tried last year and hated it. This one was a marked improvement over the last one I tried. And I used my coconut milk. I think I'll try another one later today.

~The Mangos~ said...

hi jessica,
we are having a give-a-way on our blog this week. come and enter it!

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