Help me win $200!!

I am a finalist for a photography contest in our city and if you would CLICK HERE to vote for me I would SO appreciate it!! You do need to log in to vote but it is a quick process. 

There is a cash prize of $200 to the person who gets the most votes and so if you would ask your friends to vote too it would mean a lot to me!! 

(And for those of you following the $20 bill challenge I took a huge gamble and used some of my money towards entering photos in this contest so this would go a LONG way to help me out!!)

NOTE: If clicking the link doesn't take you right to my image (which is the one above) then when you are on the gallery page select "Gallery - Finalist & People's Choice Voting" option from Main Menu on the left. 

Then click "PEOPLE" and my picture is the last one on the second page. You need to click on the picture and then click "vote now." 


Summer said...

I logged in to vote but couldnt find the gallery or place to vote?

~The Mangos~ said...

same here...except i found the gallary but did not know how to vote.

Anonymous said...

Done! I think you're gonna win!

Anonymous said...

saw your post on Get Rich Slowly and voted for you! Nice photo.

jazz2330 said...

Love Get Rich Slowly and loved your photo - got my vote!

Jessica Morris said...

Thank you so much to all who have voted!! :)

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