A Weekend of Joy


I spent the weekend at the Women of Joy conference in Charleston, S.C. - what an incredible weekend! 
4 women from church were there with me and we had a great time together - laughing, learning and being challenged. I cannot say enough good things about this conference - it was so much better than I had expected. In fact we loved it so much the 5 of us preregistered for next years conference being held in Myrtle Beach. If you ever have the opportunity to go to one I would highly encourage you to do so!

There is nothing quite like sitting in a room of 3,500 women singing praise songs together, laughing together and wiping away tears together. It was precious.

At lunch time on Saturday we were sitting at our table and we realized that Steven Curtis Chapman, two of his sons and the other band members were eating RIGHT behind us! (They were in town for concert that evening.) We were a bit more than thrilled and spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how to talk to them without interrupting their meal or drawing lots of attention to them. We finally got them right as they were leaving and 4 of us got a picture with him. 
I spent endless amounts of hours listening to him as a teenager - it was really neat to meet him in person.

I am so thankful that Paul was so gracious to rearrange his entire schedule so that he could stay home with our boys - he put in a lot more hours at work just so I could get away and I really appreciate his sacrifice!

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elizabeth carmen said...

Oh, I love your blog! I just found it through Money Saving Mom and loved your video about how you and your husband made the decision to get married and save up cash for the honeymoon. That's a very rare story these days, but it's so needed! My husband and I did get to go on a honeymoon when we got married last summer, but we were able to get it for free; a family friend let us use their condo in the mountains. I still have dreams of a trip abroad someday, but like you, there are more important things to take care of rather than just indulging and buying stuff you can't afford. Thanks for your story / inspiration!

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