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It's probably safe to say that Get Rich Slowly is my favorite finance blog. The author, J.D. Roth, is intelligent, vulnerable and experienced - three things I appreciate about his writing. J.D. encourages a community on his blog, featuring many guest bloggers and a host of staff writers so the wisdom and experiences shared are well rounded. If you haven't read his blog I encourage you to check it out.

Weeks ago J.D. announced a contest he was hosting - a video contest where people could submit a video giving a financial tip or a financial success story. You were allowed to enter one video per category.
At first it was an intimidating thought, but then I decided to go for it - what did I have to loose?!
I realized if Paul entered too our odds of winning would be even higher, so I encouraged him to submit two videos as well, which he did.

There were a lot of great submissions in both categories, though most people entered the "Tip" category and not the "Success Story" category. J.D. announced the winners last week and I was thrilled tickled pink overjoyed speechless that I won the $500 prize for Success Stories!

Here is my video submission:

*I intentionally went for odd pictures of us for the slide show and now it's a tad bit embarrassing that thousands of people have seen them!

I debated putting the money in the $20 Bill Challenge but don't think I will. I am suddenly overwhelmed with what to do with an extra $500 and will probably sit on it for a few months before spending it. Some ideas running through my head are a weekend vacation for the four of us or put it towards a new lens for my camera (Yes, I am looking to buy a lens that costs more than $500... but only when I have all the cash to pay for it!)

How would you spend $500 if it happened to fall in your lap?
I find it so much easier to dream about it when it's not a reality!


Amber said...

Wow! That is awesome. Five hundred buckaroos. I would save it. I love to save money! Especially FREE MONEY That I didnt have to work to save!

JC said...

I'd probably use half or so to save and I'd give the rest away- maybe to our church, or a family in our church who needed something (or my husband will use the money to change their oil).

Empty Nest Full Life said...

HIP, HIP, HOORAY for YOU!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations!!!!!!!Way to go!

Stacy said...

That's awesome! I saw the announcement on his website and wondered if it was you!

At this point any extra money we get is going to pay off the new AC unit we had to have installed a few years ago. With that amount I might save about 10% for a splurge for DH and I, but most would go towards debt.

Catherine said...

Congrats on your win!

I am currently working on paying off a couple debts, so if I won $500 it would probably go to that.

morriscrew7 said...

Jessica, I am so impressed!I think we could learn from you!
Thanks for sharing your heart and many creative ideas with joy.
Mom Morris

Amy said...

That's really cool! Great job! I would buy a piano. That is my dream buy right now. =)

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